A street photography documentary performed in The Bronx, NY and in Vienna, Austria shall give an insight into the daily lifes of both cities. Capturing moments of related subjects it shows differences and similarities of the two places and cultures. The images of the Bronx were taken during a visit in May 2013, capturing daily street life, typical sceneries, unique characters and wonderful locations which gave a fascinating and enjoyable picture of the modern Bronx. Deeply impressed by the positive mood, the friendly and modern ambience and the vibrant street life of the city I decided to amalgamate the impressions collected in the Bronx with a street photography series I was working on in Vienna. I looked for related subjects and found some amazing relations between them. Pictures taken in the Bronx are set into a direct relation to pictures made in Vienna, in pairs of two. Even though there are cultural, architectonic and regional differences, it is amazing to see how many similarities are to be found. Sometimes it is even difficult to say which city a picture was taken in.
The focus is not on the shiny bright touristic spots,but rather on those elements which give a city a character: its people and the places and situations of their daily life. It is about conveyance of a momentary sense of life and to give a distinct picture of the moment as it was captured. After 6 weeks and more than 4400 visitors the exhibition closed August 16, 2014. It was extended due to the great success.






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